About me

I am Zhiqiu Lin (林之秋) from Beijing, China.

I am a Ph.D. student at CMU Robotics Institute.

As a researcher in computer science and artificial intelligence, I work primarily in the intersection of computer vision and machine learning. I have been exploring a variety of topics through my past research projects, such as vision, imaging, learning in resouce-limited settings, and human computer interaction.

During my undergrad at Cornell University, I worked closely with Prof. Noah Snavely, Bharath Hariharan, Thorsten Joachims, and Abe Davis. I learned a great deal from my awesome advisors.


(June 17th, 2020) Our paper Visual Chirality (CVPR 2020 Oral Presentation) won best paper award nomination!

(May 25th, 2020) I recently graduated from Cornell University, and I am thrilled to join CMU Robotics Institute as a Ph.D. student!

Selected Publications

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